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COSMIC TRAVELER (D. Trimmer) Tetraploid (Wild Cherry Roundup x Doyle Pierce) 25” EM Re. Ev. 5 ¼” It was only when I lined out to introduce that I discovered that last year’s CHINA CLIPPER and COSMIC TRAVELER were full blooded siblings coming from but two pods that I made with this cross. CHINA CLIPPER is my most used parent for purples, and COSMIC TRAVELER for lavenders. I’m a sucker for tetraploids that have the form of diploids. This, in fact, has been my major goal for almost twenty years. Once again WILD CHERRY ROUNDUP has passed on the Tetra CONNIE BURTON diploid look to another of my babies. These glowing rose lavender flowers bloom on scapes with two laterals and twenty buds per scape. $150