Shipping Information

Our 2018 shipping season will begin at the end of February, and for the most part end after the first week in May. Garden visits and hybridizing makes shipping difficult, but not impossible after this time. We have found the U.S. Postal Service to still be the best means of domestic shipping, especially during the warmer months as the trucks are all white so afternoon deliveries remain fresh. This allows us to only charge $15 for the first 10 plants ordered and $25 thereafter. Keeping things simple has worked for all. If you have any questions regarding shipping, please, just give us a call. Our international shipping is now quite limited.

All of our plants are dug and prepared by Jane and me and we are proud of the plants we send out. Our plants are bloom sized and true to name. A few of the brand newer introductions will be large bloom sized single fans, but almost everything else will be at least bloom sized double fans.

We send out gift “bonus plants” worth about 20% or more of the order, so please send us a list of plants we might consider when we make our gift selections. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the plants you receive just return them for a refund. The first year we even try to replace plants that winter kill, stock permitting, at no charge. Occasionally we have to replace with something other than the lost plant, but we always try to the do the best that we can.

Daylily Gift Certificates make wonderful presents, and we are happy to provide these for your friends and special occasions. Contact us directly at our home phone (386) 574-2789 or via E-mail at to make arrangements.

Ev. evergreen; Sev. Semi evergreen; Dor. dormant; EE Extra Early; E. early bloom; L. Late bloom; Re. rebloom; SF. Single fan offering; UF unusual form; First inches in description refers to scape height, second inches in description refers to bloom size. 

4 Morningstar cultivars: FRISKY FRINGE, JANE'S WONDERMINT, STARFISH WISHES, and WINDMILL LANE, listed for $385 will be sold for $325

FULL FORM COLLECTION: The first 18 full formed cultivars listed in our catalog lists individually at $1970, will be sold for $1600 a savings of nearly 20%

Last year I outlined my views on hybridizing in general. and I'll restate again as I feel backyard hybridizers should not feel the need to have overly large programs for hybridizing success. I've been a big proponent of out crossing, and of the use of converted diploids into tetaploid programs for over 30 years. Almost my entire tetraploid daylily hybridizing experience is based upon the use of converted diploids. For these many years we've even given away more converted plants than we've sold. Back in the early days it was mainly Oscie Whatley, John Benz, Patrick Stamile, and then me, meeting strong, and at times vocal opposition from some mainstream hybridizers who strongly believed in line breeding, only rarely using material from outside of “their” lines. The debate is now long since settled; that out crossing is a more powerful, and economical means to advance the goals of creating what heretofore did not exist in the exciting world of daylily hybridizing. A smaller field of seedlings using quality out crossings usually yields far greater results than a field of many thousands of line bred plants. Thus, this year we again offer many conversions. Last year's release of Tetraploid Stephano Peroni's DEEP IMPACT and Pete Harry's ROSSENCILVIA and GREEN EYED ENVY all open new avenues for hybridizers. 

A year ago during the Water Mill Gardens “Great Weeding Party” many labels containing our crosses were mistakenly discarded, so many of this year's and next years introductions will have the parentage listed as unknown. (See quote #1 below from Marc Chagall) Last year during a garden tour by the family, Jane and I encountered not just art work by Marc Chagall, but also some wonderfully thoughtful quotations.

            You could wonder for hours what flowers mean,
            but for me they're life itself, in all its happy brilliance.
            We couldn't do without flowers. Flowers help you
            forget life's tragedies.                                      Marc Chagall

            If I create from the heart nearly everything works
            if from the head almost nothing.                     Marc Chagall

            Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty
            of flowers – any never succeeding.                 Marc Chagall