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PACIFIC COAST (D. Trimmer) Tetraploid (( Coast to Coast x (Coast To Coast x Tetra Linda Agin)) 33” M Re Sev. 6” I had to wait several generations in my Edge No Eye program to find this magnificent cultivar.  Tall, wonderfully branched with 40 or more blooms per scape, a great many of my selected “Edge No Eye” seedlings are derived from PACIFIC COAST. One of my primary goals in this program is to have the darkest edge on the palest petal base color. With PACIFIC COAST we have a near white petal and a very wide dark lavender petal edge. An easy pod parent, and powerful pollen, plus the proven offspring make this both a wonderful garden subject as well as a grand breeding cultivar. I was pleasantly surprised when COAST TO COAST sold out so quickly last year but I’m sorry to report that PACIFIC COAST is also quite limited in supply.   $150