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PRISCILLA’S SMILE (D. Trimmer) Tetraploid (Kaskel Sdlg “Best Edge” x “Best Edge”) 26” EE Re. Ev. 5 ½” I had no idea several years ago when Matthew Kaskel guested a seedling he garden named “Best Edge” what a treasure I had. Being a guest plant I am still unable to sell “Best Edge” but by self pollinating “Best Edge” I produced an offspring that looks remarkably like its parent (Clean lavender pink with a large gold edge) and breeds at least as well, but with greater vigor, taller scape and improved fertility. Garden visitors talked me into introducing PRISCILLA’S SMILE with only a few dozen plants so except for those we will hold back for spring 2008 collections we quickly SOLD OUT in the garden. (If interested please call; perhaps a few in the late spring or fall)    $300