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DISCARDED BEAUTY (Jane Trimmer) Tetraploid (Unknown x Unknown) 44” EM Re. Sev. 9” We bloom most of our seedlings in one year and when we clean the seedling beds, sometimes an unbloomed seedling is thrown in by mistake! Discarded Beauty got it’s name after being observed blooming on a pile of discarded seedlings from the previous year. I believe this plant is important because of the grand plant habit and great bud count. She also has a pronounced appliquéd throat. This trait is readily passed on to the offspring. DISCARDED BEAUTY has 3 branches and about 30 buds. She is a lavender blend with a pale plum eye. Most importantly this beauty is pod fertile and blooms all summer into fall with a spray of dancing blooms. This past year DISCARDED BEAUTY survived a very harsh winter without damage in a pot above ground in Massachusetts, so she should do very well in the north!