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SYLVIE BLONDEEL (Jane Trimmer) Tetraploid (Barbarian Princess x (Moolit Masquerade x Tet Cleopatra) x (2-07x Tet Lavender Handlebars) x ( String Bikini x Velvet Ribbons) 33” E. Re. Ev. 7 ½” Three way branching with 20 buds and it is fertile. After Martin Blondeel from Belgium walked our entire garden last May he asked if this flower could be named after his sister. It is my honor to name the flower Sylvie Blondeel for her. This cultivar blooms in profusion and gives a beautiful torrent of color. It is lavender with a green throat and has a line of dark plum etched into the petals. When SYLVIE BLONDEEL blooms it gives the appearance of colorful lavender and purple ribbons. I love the simplicity of this flower.