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WILD APPLE AUTUMN  (D. Trimmer) Tetraploid   (Sdlg x Sdlg) 33” Late Re. Ev. 5 ¾” WILD APPLE AUTUMN is pictured with the only photo I had of this late blooming cultivar. It reminds me of the fall colors of the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts where I lived as a young man. For some reason the cultivars in my orange line are especially vigorous and problem free. WILD APPLE AUTUMN is the 2nd late blooming cultivar I have this year after quite awhile without any. It just worked out that way as I introduce the best of what I have and each introduction must have distinction. If you have liked my previous cultivars such as TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL or PUMPKIN PRINCE then this one is for you. This hot orange with the red eye and edge also has an intense orange throat and a ruffled gold edge.