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DRAGONFLY DAWN (Jane Trimmer) Tetraploid (Solar Blue Angel X Jamaican Love) 36" E. Re Ev. 7 ½"This cultivar starts out early with first blooms as a light creme yellow with an eye pattern of blue and raspberry. About a week into the season the base color pales out closer to creme with a rainbow eye pattern of lavender, blue, raspberry and yellow. DRAGONFLY DAWN is the most fertile cultivar I have ever used! It set every pollen I used and Dan and I set 2000 seed on it last year as a pod parent. Dan believes it is one of our most important parents ever! The first seedlings from it were extraordinary and from the first dozen and a half seedlings that bloomed, we kept half of them. Dan’s two best patterned seedlings last year were from a cross of DRAGONFLY DAWN X TET TEXAS KALEIDOSCOPE. They both had a excellent eye patterns! DRAGONFLY DAWN did wonderfully in Ohio last winter. It has 25 buds and 3 laterals.  

Below are seedlings that have been hybridized using DRAGONFLY DAWN. Click each image to see the high-res version.