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GREAT BLUE HERON (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid (Blue Grass Music X Jamaican Rainbows) 34" EM Re. Ev. I consider this tall, well branched cultivar to very important as JAMAICAN RAINBOWS has added flower fullness, scape height, and size to a field where our blue eyed cultivars tend to be a bit smaller. The clean lavender based bloom resembles my favorite blue eyed parent, BLUE GRASS MUSIC, except GREAT BLUE HERON has a very large double edge in addition to the increased scape height and bloom size. Moderately pod fertile I used this cultivar both ways as a parent the past two years. GREAT BLUE HERON is an important parent and named to honor a very good friend and birder, Luddy Lambertson.      

Luddy Lambertson