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SMILING DRAGON (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid (Wild Cherry Roundup X I Wanna Piranha) 26" EM Re. Ev. 5 3/4" Three lateral branches hold the 18-20 blooms nicely above the low arched foliage. The base color is a red, pink with a darker diffused red eye and white and gold sharks teeth. Moderately pod fertile, I used SMILING DRAGON both ways last year. Some days the blooms were dark red and the teeth pure white while other days the blooms were more pink and there was more gold in the teeth. The previous year with more care and different culture the blooms were a more consistent dark red with the whiter teeth. WILD CHERRY ROUND UP is known for being a parent of reds with beautiful color. I considered waiting a year to introduce this dragon, but even with rather limited stock am offering it for a modest price.