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MACCHIA     (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid (Sdlg. x Tetra Stella Rose) 28" EM Ev. 6" This zinfandel wine colored  bloom with a white edge is double about 90% of the time and has about 20 buds. In very short supply, this full circular beauty is named after a favorite zinfandel wine of mine. Almost a decade ago I ended up at the Mayo Clinic diagnosed with a condition that resembled a type of Parkinson's Disease.  One of the wonderful doctors there gave me a choice of taking a medication, or a glass or two of red wine nightly. My taste for fine red wines has evolved since then with MACCHIA now being a favorite wine and now also a favorite daylily of mine.    A  California  visit  to the winery last summer was a treat for me meeting the gracious growers who reminded me of many our daylily friends.