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WAVES OF JOY (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid (Dragonfly Dawn x Tetra Texas Kaleidscope) 37" E. Re. Ev. 7 1/4" Some times you just get lucky! From a cross of only two seedlings I bloomed the best patterned daylily I have seen to date. Waves of Joy is early, tall (37",) large (7 1/4",) 26 buds, easily pod fertile, and perhaps the finest parent I have ever used. Seedling after seedling was selected last summer. "Waves" is lavender blend with a lavender violet, and blue violet patterned eye oftentimes with white waves. The name comes from the lyrics from the Beatles song "Across the Universe" referring to a life well lived having "pools of sorrow" and "waves of joy." There is much joy in my life! A hybridizer friend said there were patterned daylilies before Waves of Joy and then there will be those after Waves Of Joy. Exceedingly limited.