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INDIGO DRAGON (Jane. Trimmer) Tet. (Skylab X Tetra Lillian’s Thin Ice) 36” 8 1/2” M Re. Ev. This ruffled black purple self seems to be a breakthrough in so far a pod fertility is concerned in the tetraploid, very long petaled/spider lines. Too many of previous long petaled/spider cultivars in commerce were almost impossible to use in setting pods. Two years ago in the blazing Florida sun we loaded INDIGO DRAGON up with pods. This past year we used only difficult conversions with much less success. The last few blooms were crossed with other seedlings and again pods were produced in ninety degree plus Florida heat. When Jane crossed the beautiful white, Tetra LILLIAN’S THIN ICE with her black purple, SKYLAB a clarified color of intense black purple resulted.