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SANTA CLARA (D. Trimmer) Tet. (Orange Blossom Trail X Mexican Elvis) 31” 6” EM Re. Ev. 32 buds. This improvement on our very popular MEXICAN ELVIS represents the bold, red eyed part of our orange daylily lines. For many years I have believed that Orange is one of the better, if not best color in the daylily world, and has been greatly underrepresented. My efforts for over 20 years has been to present clear orange color, and the key to this program has been the pod parent of SANTA CLARA, ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL which has a green underlay which clarifies the orange base color. The broad, bold red eye and the tall scapes, which hold over 30 buds per scape make SANTA CLARA a must have for anybody working in these color lines or for those desiring an “Oh Wow” showoff garden subject.