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TRACES OF TIME (D. Trimmer) Tetraploid 29” 7 1/2” EM. Re. Ev. (Waves Of Joy X Sailing) Two of my goals from the first seedling crop of patterned seedlings until the present has been to have cleaner base colors, and larger, rounder blooms. SAILING can exceed nine inches and is a clean cream, so when crossed onto the lavender WAVES OF JOY the only seedlings from this cross were all pale in color, larger and flater with the added bonus of double edges. TRACES OF TIME is by far the fastest to increase and was used extensively as a pollen parent. The large ivory blooms with blue etched violet eye and edge produced a few pods, but again heat was a problem, but day after day the blooms were stunning. Typical bud count of 24-25 is typical on three lateral branches.