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(Dan Trimmer, 2004) Tetraploid ((My Girl X Senegal X (Tetra Pink Elation)) 28" M. Re. Sev. 6" Bill Vojir is named for a lifelong family friend of both Jane and myself. BILL VOJIR is another very large cultivar coming from yet another of my conversions, Tetra Pink Elation, a Neal Berry offspring from the wonderful under explored Sarah Sikes diploid line. The base color is a deep pink. By the time I realized I had no images of Bill Vojir the season had passed so instead of showing the best possible image I'll have to go with just about the last bloom of the year. Earlier in the bloom season color is deeper, the gold edge larger and the form fuller. Fertile with a typical bud count is 20 22 I expect BILL VOJIR will do very well in the North.