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(Dan Trimmer, 1998). Tet (Fooled Me x Pirates Patch) 28” EM Ev 3 branches 25 buds 5 1/2”. I did a rather large cross in order to produce the look I wanted in a plant that wintered well in the north. CALICO JACK, a green throated yellow with dark plum eye and picotee, was by far the best northern performing plant out of several look alike selected siblings. CALICO JACK was also the best face in the group, and I did cross quite a bit with MONTERREY JACK and other yellow flowers with eyes. Several outstanding offspring have resulted with bolder eyes and edges. This northern plant loved the move to Florida and performed superbly setting many pods, even in extreme heat last year. CALICO JACK is a good grower with foliage that is broad and arched.