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CAROL TODD  (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid ((Border Music x Jane Trimmer) X  Across the Universe) 30” EM. Re. 7” Ev.  Carol is a girl of many faces. She is pastel lavender blend with a pale purple eye and edge, surrounded by a gold edge. Sometimes she is round and flat, other times Angel Wings and other “fancy” things are happening on her petal edges. Extra vigorous, very large plants produce blooms that are always large, at times 7 ½”; beautifully displayed on tall, erect very well branched scapes. When John Todd, who named this cultivar for his wife, saw lined out double fans last spring he asked me to please show an image of an early bloom on a scape with over 55 buds (see page 2.) Branching is quite wide so that the many blooms have enough room to open as can the subsequent blooms. CAROL TODD is exceedingly pod and pollen fertile and is proving to be a wonderful parent.