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(Dan Trimmer, 1999). Tet (Moonlit Masquerade x Tetra Dragon’s Eye) Evergreen 4 3/4” E Re 25” This round, and ruffled sibling to GILLIAN, and my earlier introduction, PIANO MAN, is perhaps the boldest eye I have in the garden. It is as if one spilled black purple ink on almost white parchment, creating a startling contrast. The boldest, most color saturated eye in the garden has given me the boldest red and purple eyes and edges in my next generation of seedlings. Fortunately, CELEBRATION OF ANGELS has also been extremely easy to set pods on, and I have used it to set difficult conversions where these pollens have not set anywhere else in the garden. First selected in New York, and proven winter hardy, THIS CULTIVAR IS SPECIAL! Typical bud count is 30, and the foliage is dark green & arched.