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(Dan Trimmer, 1999). ((Ruby Sentinel x Tetra Enchanting Blessing) x Tetra Dragon’s Eye) Tetraploid 28” Early, Evergreen, Re. CHERRY VALENTINE is my personal favorite Tet. Dragon’s Eye offspring. The clean pink petal color frames the intense dark red eye and bubble red edge of these 4 1/2”blooms. Typical budcount is 25-28 and every bloom from the first until the last is virtually perfect. Almost any bloom could have been pictured to produce my catalog photograph. The tall erect scapes have deep well spaced branches, and in shade almost every bloom will set a pod. The plants are large with dark green foliage. My 2000 CHERRY VALENTINE seedling crop produced so many potential future introductions selecting those became quite a task, although quite a pleasant one. I could go on and on about why I like this cultivar, but all I’ll add is that I believe this to be an introduction that will stand the test of time, and in future years be known as both a wonderful garden subject and the parent of an entire generation of cutting-edge, circular, ruffled red eyes and edges