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COAST TO COAST (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid  (Pink Intrigue x Tetra Seal Of Approval) 26” EM Re. Sev.6 ¼” Sometimes both the stars and the genes align in the daylily world in such a way that you actually get what you hope for from a cross. From a dozen seedlings of this cross I got a breeder that imparts “Edge no Eye” to a majority of its offspring. In the seedling field this year I just had so many keepers from COAST TO COAST breeding with the dark lavender, purple and rouge edges so pronounced where I had out crossed COAST TO COAST  to much larger, or wider or whiter parents and still maintained the dark edge effect. This Semi evergreen cultivar appears to be a plant that will do well in the north. Fertile both ways, COAST TO COAST is a pastel with a rouged purple edge. It makes a compact plant carrying about 20 buds per scape.