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(Dan Trimmer, 1999). Tet ((Moonlit Masquerade x (Emperor’s Dragon X Tetra Elsie Spalding) x Tetra Dragon’s Eye)) Evergreen 4 1/4” EM Re 20” In my pursuit of bold dark red eyes I was extremely excited when I first saw CRANBERRY WINTER bloom and knew I had an introduction immediately. In the world of tetraploids we don’t have enough genetic breeding material in this color range. (Both T. ELSIE SPALDING and T. DRAGON’S EYE in the background of CRANBERRY WINTER have red eyes) The dark cranberry red eye is set off by a cream white background. Petals are round and full, the plant habit low and controlled, and the bud count is 20. This is a vigorous fertile cultivar which quickly forms a low clump. Like all of my introductions this year CRANBERRY WINTER was bloomed and first selected in New York.