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(Dan Trimmer, 1999). Tet (( Fooled Me X Queensland x Tetra Dragon’s Eye)) Dormant 4 1/2” EM Re 26” I wanted red eyes from TETRA DRAGON EYE, did not expect the reddest eye in the garden to come from this cross. DAN MAHONY and his sibling, CAJUN SUNSHINE came from a single pod from a 50 bud yellow w/red eye seedling. DAN MAHONY’S red eye is set off by a grass green throat that shows up in the eyes and edges of DAN’S offspring. Outstanding bud count (about 30) and northern vigor make this an important breeding cultivar especially for those preferring dormants to our more plentiful evergreens. This cultivar is named for Long Island Daylily Society’s DAN MAHONY, a friend and a gentleman.