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DIAMOND GIRL (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid (Surprise Encounter x  Kaskel Seedling “Best Edge”) 27” EM Re. Ev. 6 ¼” How did I get this beautiful gold edged pink daylily? Several years ago Matthew Kaskel gave me a fan of a bold, gold edged pink seedling he garden named “Best Edge.”  This extraordinarily important seedling has proven to be a landmark breeder for gold edges, but will not be introduced. This year’s DIAMOND GIRL, SHRAMROCK BLUSH & JENNIFER TRIMMER are all direct offspring from “Best Edge” pollen. Frank Smith’s PRINCESS DIANA is also a BEST EDGE baby. These “BEST EDGE” creations all impart gold edges to their children; at times reaching a full inch in width. DIAMOND GIRL is a large, fertile, well branched clean pink. Several other BEST EDGE seedlings are shown on page 19.