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(Dan Trimmer, 2000). (Moonlit Masquerade x Tetra Cleopatra) (Sdlg. 97-102) Tetraploid, 7” 38” EE Evergreen. This sibling to last years WILD HORSES is a pale peach with a huge, extremely intense royal purple eye that covers much to the face. The overall effect is much like purple ink spilled on parchment. EGYPTIAN QUEEN can have up to 40 buds and five lateral branches, topped by a terminal Y. A difficult pod parent with excellent pollen, and emerging scapes throughout the season. Paler, earlier and slightly better branched than WILD HORSES, EGYPTIAN QUEEN is proving to be an excellent parent for even narrower bold eyed spidery seedlings that, most importantly for the hybridizer, are pod fertile. This pod fertility and the general lack thereof has been a major problem for me as I pursue tetraploid siders and exotics. EGYPTIAN QUEEN is also an excellent grower and rapid increaser. Evergreen, but first selected in New York I expect she should travel well.