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(Dan Trimmer, 1999). (Witches Wink x Tetra Siloam Tom Howard) Tetraploid 20” Evergreen, EM Re. 2 3/4” This true mini blooms just above the foliage with clean gold petals centered by a bold maroon plum eye. Budcount is 30-35 on compact well-branched scapes which typically have 4 laterals. Elizabeth Salter’s Witches Wink is one of my favorite little ones, and by adding Tetra Siloam Tom Howard to the mix I got a smaller, lower, more northern adapted little one for the front of the garden. As interest in the little ones increases I’m happy to have one combining the lines of two of the major producers of the little ones over the recent past. First selected in New York, ELF POWER, should adapt well to most regions, fertile,