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(Dan Trimmer, 2004) Tetraploid ((Raspberry Beret X Dan Mahony) X (Tetra Connie Burton)) 25" EM Re. Ev. 5" Some flowers, for reasons hard to put into words are just special! ELISA and her sibling PARROT JUNGLE are two such cultivars! The bloom of ELISA is a round full pastel pink blend upon which is a large rouge eye and edge. The eye is broken down into gradations of pink/rouge/red set of by a bold green throat. Branching is very good with two to four laterals and typical bud counts of 25 30. ELISA is another cultivar I loaded up with seed pods this past year as a result of viewing earlier crosses. ELISA has been much admired since the first day she bloomed, so based upon interest she should sell out quickly.