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(Dan Trimmer, 2004) Tetraploid (Wild Horses X Rapid Eye Movement) 36" EM Re. Ev. 8" HOLD YOUR HORSES continues my T. Cleopatra line only in a larger, bolder presentation. HOLD YOUR HORSES is a clean yellow flower with a large intense maroon eye that seems to take up most of the face. Bud count and branching is excellent with 3 or 4 lateral branches displaying approximately 30 35 blooms. Scapes just keep emerging from this very vigorous grower. HOLD YOUR HORSES is another showoff cultivar from my very productive RAPID EYE MOVEMENT. By no means is this a spider form daylily, but rather a pinched crispate, Unusual Form. Viewing HOLD YOUR HORSES it's hard to believe that a parent on each side is a full formed Jeff Salter cultivar. As Jeff said it's amazing how much damage you can do in one generation! (smile)