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(Dan Trimmer, 1999). (Ida’s Magic x Enchanted April) Tetraploid, 24” 5 1/2 ” Sev. M. Re. A sibling to MAXFIELD PARRISH, HOLLYWOOD LIGHTS begins blooming with a very large bright gold edge around a dark lavender flower as pictured; however, on rebloom the gold edge becomes much larger and here in Florida the scapes just keep coming and coming. First scapes bloom just above the foliage with budcounts that range from 35 to a high of 55 blooms per scape. Just like ENCHANTED APRIL, HOLLYWOOD LIGHTS should have a slightly taller scape to carry all of its buds, but I’m happy to have huge bud counts. HOLLYWOOD LIGHTS is fertile, and an excellent grower and increaser. I’m happy to bring the gold edged breeding of Brother Charles (through ENCHANTED APRIL) into the gold edged arena for two very important reasons, extremely high bud count and sunfastness. Although not a perfectly circular flower, HOLLYWOOD LIGHTS has produced offspring that are as circular as anything in my program.