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(Dan Trimmer, 2001). Tet. 37” EM Ev Re. (Raspberry Beret x Tetra Dragon’s Eye) Starting about 15 years ago the vogue in daylilies was for large blooms to sit just atop the foliage. My taste was always for our larger flowers to be presented well above what was then the current standard. With JAMAICAN MUSIC I have 5” pink blooms with a huge red eye showing all three of its lateral branches well above the foliage. JAMAICAN MUSIC to me is a paler, bigger, bolder eyed, taller CHERRY VALENTINE. For those who missed out on CHERRY VALENTINE, or for those who prefer larger blooms JAMAICAN MUSIC must be a new addition to your garden. It will not be mistaken for anything else. A must for those working with red eyes. Gorgeous!