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JENNIFER TRIMMER (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid  (Bella Sera x  Kaskel Seedling “Best Edge”) 30” EM Re. Ev. 6 ¾” JENNIFER TRIMMER is a flower that is very special. When you have a daylily nursery you come to know these flowers that stand out from the others as soon as they bloom. Usually it is the blending of colors and the atmosphere about the flower where the coloring is truly a work of art and nature. JENNIFER TRIMMER, named after our beautiful daughter, is one of these special flowers! This very large, tall, clear lavender purple bloom is another offspring from Matthew Kaskel’s “Best Edge”. It has much larger blooms than either of its parents. JENNIFER TRIMMER makes a very bright, glowing impression in the garden with its beautiful large face, clear lavender purple colors set off by a wide gold edge. Fertile both ways, a child of this cultivar might be the only purple pollen I will use in the garden next year.