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(Dan Trimmer, 2004). Tetraploid (Waiting For Peace X Tetra Pink Elation) 30” EM. Re. Ev. Although over the years I’ve introduced small, pony and large flowered cultivars many daylily enthusiasts know me best for my 4” introductions. This year my JUMBO SHRIMP, WINSTON CHURCHILL, and PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL should change this, as all are at least 7”. JUMBO SHRIMP is a shrimp colored wide, ruffled beauty with a bloodline coming from the converted Sarah Sikes TETRA PINK ELATION. A faint rouge eye and large yellow green throat come from the Tetra ELSIE SPALDING part in Matthew Kaskel’s WAITING FOR PEACE. Typical bud count is 20 on tall scapes on vigorous plants that are fertile, but few pods.