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(Dan Trimmer, 1998). Diploid (ROSWITHA X HAMPTON HOCUS POCUS) Pierre is the first and the smallest of my introductions from this highly productive cross. Roswitha is a hard dormant consistent double that, unfortunately, barely performs in Florida. The bolder eyed, Hampton Hocus Pocus, performs very well, but is only a sometimes double. Pierre is double about 1/2 the time, and almost always double on rebloom. He reblooms both in Florida and on Long Island where very very little ever performed this well in my garden. Pierre is 22” tall with a very small bloom, about 2 3/4” cream lavender with a raisin plum eyezone and green throat. Petite foliage is in scale with the blooms, and like both parents Pierre increases very well. Hard dormant, Pierre grew, bloomed, and rebloomed like a Florida native. The flower shape is circular and and the contrast between the eye and petal color make the bloom quite beautiful as either a single or double. Pod fertile.