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(Jane Trimmer, 2004) Diploid (Penny Pinsley X Tropical Delight) 19" Late Re. Ev. 2 7/8" Just like her two siblings, MICRO DOTS and MICRO BURST, MICRO CHIP is very well branched with typical bud count of 35 40. Bloom season is what sets MICROCHIP apart from my other little doubles. MICRO CHIP is truly a late bloomer starting to flower after every other cultivar has finished its first bloom scapes and in some instances when the third set of scapes are in bloom on our earlies. MICRO CHIP is a full formed, consistent double flower and is a coral pink orange blend with just the hint of an eye. It’s scapes are erect and fresh in the heat of the summer and reminds one of an early spring bloomer in it’s joyful presentation! $40