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(Dan Trimmer, 1998). Tetraploid (MOONLIT MASQUERADE X T. DRAGON’S EYE) PIANO MAN, my 2nd introduction out of T. Dragon’s Eye was the best increasing, best reblooming daylily in my Long Island garden last year. Not as round as some Dragon’s Eye seedlings, the color contrast and the overall bold presentation resemble the keyboard of a piano. The 4 3/4” blooms well displayed above the 28” very well branched scapes. The foliage is low, narrow and arched. I am able to set almost any pollen on Piano Man, even with difficult conversions. Since there is a red eyed parent involved directly from a conversion, I expect PIANO MAN and his siblings to breed very differently than Moonlit Masquerade, which PIANO MAN resembles. Moonlit Masquerade has been a remarkable parent in my eyed breeding so we have a double dose of good genes. Semi-evergreen on Long Island, evergreen in Florida, PIANO MAN, was undamaged in the north and in Florida has been a nonstop bloomer.