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(Dan Trimmer, 2004) Diploid (Connie Burton X Connie Burton) 27" EM Re. Ev. 5 3/4" Tetra Connie Burton is an extremely important parent in my Tetraploid program, to the point of being beyond words. Before I use a conversion I like to use the diploid a bit to see what might be "locked up" in the genetics of my conversion. From a single diploid pod I got 10 seedlings that were all very fine, no two looking alike. Looking at the face of PINK PAJAMAS it's easy to see where all of the green comes from in ELISA DALLAS and PARROT JUNGLE. PINK PAJAMAS is larger and flatter than Connie and the ruffles are looser, larger and more looping. The scapes are also better branched and taller than Connie Burton. I don't introduce many diploids, but I had to get this pale pink one out there.