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(Dan Trimmer, 1998). Tetraploid (LOVE THOSE EYES X FOOLED ME) Florida has taught me that the last reblooms photographed at 95+ degrees are not ideal conditions to capture flower color, so I don’t accurately present PUMPKIN MOONSHINE which simply glows in the garden, resembling a neon pumpkin from afar. Up close the bloom is really a glowing gold with a brushed rouge eye. A clump of PUMPKIN MOONSHINE in sunlight displays bold color in vivid contrast to the plentiful pastels in our gardens. 22 inch scapes hold the 5” blooms nicely above the dormant foliage. Typical bud count is 18-20 with one deep lateral and a terminal Y. The hint of a red picotee has come through rather boldly in the first offspring, so I heavily reused my extremely fertile PUMPKIN MOONSHINE with pollens more in tune with Central Florida. PUMPKIN MOONSHINE, registered as an early, shouts from across the garden putting it in a class with Mary's Gold or Spellbinder; however, the form is so round and full that at first I thought this was a child out of T. Wings Of Chance. Extremely fertile.