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(Dan Trimmer, 1999). (Fooled Me x Tetra Dragon’s Eye) (Sdlg. 96-35) Tetraploid 32” EM Sev. 4 3/4” Ever since RODEO SWEETHEART’S seedlings first bloomed hybridizers have asked me to introduce this source of blooms that are almost all eyes and edges (very little base petal color.) The best of the offspring (sdlg. 99-43 which can be viewed at my website) has huge cranberry eyes and edges and only a tiny sliver of petal color; truly unique. RODEO SWEETHEART’S base color is a dark peach, and it eye and edge are cranberry maroon. As a hybridizer I’ve been after both eyes and edges that are so big there’s almost no petal color left, and also pursuing colors that are different than the plum and purple eyes and edges that have become the standard. A magnificent plant supports these blooms with typical budcounts of 35 on 3 well spaced lateral branches. Fertile, RODEO SWEETHEART is a good increaser and will mistaken for no other in the garden