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(Dan Trimmer, 2004). Tetraploid ((Red Suspenders X Long Tall Sally) X Swirling Spider)) x Royal Celebration) 44” EM. Re. Sev. Each segment is 7” long with petals measuring 1 ¾” (4 x 1 ratio) on this exceptionally clear colored saturated dark, clear 12” candy apple red spider. I had to hold off introduction for a year to get stock to meet the demand generated from garden visitors. The Sergeant derives his name from my grandfather, Sergeant Major Daniel McLain Trimmer, so you know I like it! Tall (44”) scapes are upright and erect. SERGEANT MAJOR has powerful pollen, but I have not been able to set on it. A good grower but modest increaser SERGEANT MAJOR is by far my best long petaled or spider to date.