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(Dan Trimmer, 1999). (ETCHED EYES x TETRA WINGS OF CHANCE) Tetraploid, 28” 6 3/4” Evergreen, EE, Re. This huge circular yellow flower with the large pale plum eye can simply stop garden visitors in their tracks as first blooms can have petals that approach 4 ½” in width on blooms that are +7” Like most very large flowers later blooms are smaller, but still amongst the largest in the garden throughout the season. Both parents are early bloomers and SOLAR MAX continues the family tradition so that Max and his sibling, LUNAR MAX, come into bloom well before most large flowers have started. If you want the biggest “face” in the garden SOLAR MAX and his 25-30 blooms is a must have. As a breeder he is apt to yield multiple eye patterns showing its Etched Eyes heritage. Since most complex eyes are small or narrow faces MAX is a yet unexplored source to increase size and roundness in this exciting new hybridizing area.