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THE GREAT GOOLSBY  (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid (London Calling x Tetra Grace Pierce) 24” E Re. Ev. 6” What do you do when Bob Goolsby approaches you and says, “You must name this daylily for me.” You ask Bob Goolsby’s friends to tell you something about Bob. I did, and hence the name, THE GREAT GOOLSBY. Bob is a friend and traveling buddy of the equally great Earl Watts. Bob is an admirer of round, full diploid looking tetraploid daylilies. THE GREAT GOOLSBY has pale coral peach blooms atop compact, exceedingly vigorous plants. Typical bud count is 24 with two lateral branches per scape. Early in the season blooms are a bit darker than the rebloom flower pictured here. Plants are low, arched and beautiful.