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(Dan Trimmer, 2004). Tetraploid (Pumpkin Moonshine X Tetra Ruffled Masterpiece) 23” EE. Re. Sev. I feel orange is often a neglected color in most modern daylily gardens, probably since so many of the early hybrids were dirty oranges, but TIGERLAND is not your grandmother’s orange daylily. Owing its form to TETRA RUFFLED MASTERPIECE and its color to PUMPKIN MOONSHINE, TIGERLAND is a season starter, blooming in the very first part of the bloom season with very round ruffled 5 ½” blunt petaled and sepaled blooms. A faint rouge eye and some rouging at the petal margins led to a wonderful huge double-edged offspring in this year’s seedling garden. TIGERLAND was named by my son-in-law, new to daylilies, but an LSU man.