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(Kaskel-Trimmer 1996) (Tetraploid ((ONE FINE DAY X (SEEDLING X RUBY SENTINEL)) X (FOOLED ME X T. JANICE BROWN)) With most seedlings it takes awhile to decide whether to name it or not. With TWO PART HARMONY the night of the first bloom I got a call from Matthew saying, “we have an introduction.” Then, as now the bloom is distinctive and charming. TWO PART HARMONY is a straw yellow flower with a wine red eye and matching picotee surrounding the petals and petaloids. The flower measures about 4-4 1/4 ” with a bud count of 20-25 carried on 34” scapes. The evergreen foliage is tall and arching and the plant increases rapidly. TWO PART HARMONY blooms in the mid- to mid-late season in Florida and then reblooms at the end of the season. The photo of TWO PART HARMONY is as a double which it was 100% of then time the first year it bloomed. Since then it has been a single for about the first half of its bloom, and then becomes a double for the remainder of its bloom, and for the entirety of its rebloom. We wish it were double all of the time, but it is not. TWO PART HARMONY is both pod and pollen fertile and has, indeed, given a number of flowers which are consistent doubles. The wonderful saw-tooth picotee edge has been easily transmitted to its offspring.