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(Kaskel/Trimmer, 1996). Tet (Kaskel Sdlgs x Tet Siloam Double Classic) 26” E Re Ev. Another joint venture between myself and Matthew Kaskel of Miami, Florida. VISION OF LOVE is available from either of us and the proceeds will be shared. VISION OF LOVE is double about 60% of the time, and of importance for the hybridizer is very fertile both ways consistently producing very large fully double tetraploids. The 3” petaled blooms never seem to stop coming from this highly recurrent coral rose performer. Both petals and sepals are quite rounded so that as either a single or a double we have a very modern flower. Typical scapes are well branched and carry 26-30 buds. Also of importance VISION OF LOVE grew and performed well for two winters in New York. Finally, VISION OF LOVE is beautiful.