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(Dan Trimmer, 2004). Tetraploid (Cherry Valentine X Tetra Connie Burton) 24” EM Re. Ev. TETRA CONNIE BURTON has been a parent beyond description for me. If you’re looking to make “fancy” faces or just to have a wonderful new addition to the garden I strongly recommend WILD CHERRY ROUND UP. Typical scapes carry one and sometimes two lateral branches and about 18-20 buds with 5” blooms. Fertile both ways WCR and two of her siblings are proving to be wonderful parents. WCR is the best “face” of these three and is also the most vigorous. If “Fancy” daylilies are your cup of tea, you’ll love this pink, shrimp pink blend. Rouge eyes and intense green throats highlight the over-all beauty of WILD CHERRY ROUND UP.