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(Dan Trimmer, 1999). Tet (Moonlit Masquerade X Tetra Cleopatra) Evergreen 7” E RE 37” I like my Tet Spidery babies to have either very large size, or very bold colors. TET CLEOPATRA and Jeff Salter’s MOONLIT MASQUERADE supply plenty of color, and unlike diploid Cleopatra, WILD HORSES holds upright 30 blooms on tall scapes that keep coming from the very early part of the season until quite late in the bloom season. Four or five sets of scapes each holding pods was one of the highlights of my tetraploid long petaled program this year. Selected as a northern hardy CLEOPATRA look-alike, WILD HORSES is a complete plant; hardy, very vigorous, erect scapes and a face recognizable from afar.