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WORLD TRAVELER  (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid  ((Enchanted April x Seedling) x (Tetra Grace Pierce)) 23” E Re. Ev. 7” WORLD TRAVELER has an extremely large bloom. I wish I had an image that shows just how large! I will say this 7” cultivar appears to have about twice the surface of  6” flowers. WORLD TRAVELER is a huge dark lavender self with fine white edging showing off a large green throat. With the dormant and heavily branched and budded ENCHANTED APRIL in its background we anticipate this flower to do well around the world! WORLD TRAVELER and last year’s SUGAR GLIDER are the first non-yellow large flowers to bloom for me. The form is very round and full with scapes holding about 20 buds each. WORLD TRAVELER is fertile both ways but difficult with pods.